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Smart Tint® with propriety Smart Cling® self-adhesive also acts as a Smart Security Film™. It can be applied to any new or existing glass and remains intact upon impact from projectiles. School districts across the nation and around the globe have used “Smart Security Film™ technology, AKA Riot Tint™, to slow the unauthorized access of intruders. Smart Security Film™ will keep glass intact if the glass is broken. Not only will Riot Tint™ buy time, it will instantly frost private upon impact and can be controlled in multiple zones thus protecting your facility.

SmartTint™ provides instant privacy on demand. Easily installed on any glass surface! Remote Control it, Dim it, Project on it, Trim it and more.  Smart tint is also used in police department receptions & offices, new offices, hospitals, houses or worship, jewelry stores and more. If you don't need the riot protection then just get the Smart Tint to block out your office or store views.

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